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Why aren’t you listening to the Summer Rose Court podcasts????

You should be listening to the Summer Rose Court podcasts

Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Podcast 02 Bloopers by Arulaen, Ave Teucra, Cass, Dori, Marsh, MJ, King_Collateral, Xekstrin, Zari from the album: Summer Rose Studios Podcast Play count: 548


Things these bloopers may or may not include:

  • balls
  • heavy breathing
  • abnormal levels of excitability
  • extreme thirst
  • unusual text messages
  • coffee
  • call quality issues
  • swearing
  • Sesame Street
  • butts
  • dogs
  • normal levels of excitability
  • more swearing
  • heavy metal music
  • confusion
  • RWBY Quest references
  • German
  • beatboxing
  • dog butts
  • Hot Pockets


Here’s the second Summer Rose Court Podcast!

Featuring Ave Teucra, Cass, Dori, King, Marsh, MJ, and Zari!

Today we talk about: bounty nyoom (as promised), how many friends we’ve “converted” to RWBY, and how we do our SRC work!

And assless chaps.